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Dan's three solo CDs, Moving Target and Tapwater Conchs CDs are available for purchase for $12.00 each. Moving Target T-shirts are $15.  Free Shipping!  Credit Cards Accepted

Download the new single "Great Shape (For The Shape I'm In)" here

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  1. Part Of You/Part Of Me

  2. Live Wire

  3. All I Need

  4. Don't Let Tomorrow

  5. For You

  1. Welcome To The Real World

  2. Stars In Your Eyes

  3. Good For You

  4. Big Bucks In God

  5. I'm In Love, But I'm Married

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   Also available at

                     CD Baby

  1. Hold On

  2. Anna Maria

  3. Lay Back

  4. Hate To See You Go

  5. Everybody Needs Someone To Walk On

  6. Give It Up

  1. Overnight

  2. Miriam

  3. One Owner

  4. Frame Of Mind

  5. We Change

  6. Wake Of A Dream

  7. Getting Over

  1. Volcano

  2. Pretty Woman

  3. Fins

  4. Talk To Me, Baby

  5. Under The Boardwalk

  6. Feelin' Alright

  7. Give It Up

  8. Great Balls of Fire

  9. Moondance

  1. Cecelia

  2. The Joker

  3. Mustang Sally

  4. Bang The Drum

  5. Hotel California

  6. I Can See Clearly Now

  7. Dreadlock Holiday

  8. 3 A.M.

  9. Hoochie Coochie Man

  1. Fins

  2. I Can See Clearly Now

  3. My Girl

  4. Volcano

  5. The Lion Sleeps Tonight

  6. Tequila

  1. Evil Ways

  2. Lowrider

  3. Lilly Was Here

  4. Wild Night

  5. Some Kind Of Wonderful

  6. Old Time Rock And Roll

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    Also available at

                      CD Baby

  1. (Let's Have A) Hurricane Party

  2. If You Don't Ask

  3. Hurricane Party (In The Florida Keys)

  4. Sober 'til October

  5. Mucho Blah Blah

  6. I Drink Too Much

  1. Southern Destination

  2. What Happens In Key West

  3. Vegetable Head

  4. I'm A Tapwater Conch

  5. Give It All Up

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